Frequently Asked Questions

Client FAQs

Q: Why post a project at workapp?

Our app guides you in finding your best developer quickly, generates estimates for ideal hours, cost, milestones for your project and provides in-app project support , technical advice from a workapp representative.

Q: Why should I download your app?

Building a software requires a lot of communication from sales to execution. To enable this, at its core, Workapp is a purpose-driven chat app, between the client, developer and a workapp representative.

Q: How do you manage iterative feedback?

By default, you get 3 iterative feedback cycles for every task, which will be managed by our workapp representative. If you exceed or delay these 3 iterative feedback cycles, you are charged extra.

Q: What happens if there is a disagreement with the developer?

Your workapp representative will try to resolve the conflict. If not, we will reassemble the development team with similar skill-set or refund the remaining amount.

Developer FAQs

Q: Who is your superstar developer?

We look for someone with past experience in a set of skills, strong customer empathy, flexible and friendly attitude, very honest and professional communication. Artistic flourish is a plus.

Q: What's your vetting process?

We require developers to provide their LinkedIn, Github, Past work portfolio, Profiles in any other online platforms. We review their profile, and select the most promising candidates for online interviews. Chosen candidates are on-boarded onto our platform and their developer app is set up.

Q: How do you make sure I am not underpaid?

Basically, you can set your hourly rate and hours you will work per week. If the ideal hours estimated by the app, deadline and budget provided by the client match your expectation, we will ping you.

Q: How can I add more skills to my profile?

For each new skill, you can request a meeting with workapp, to present your work for evaluation. If approved, the additional skill will be added to your profile, making you eligible to get projects for those skills.

Q: How can your app estimate ideal hours for a project in real-time?

A project is broken down into tasks and each task has an estimated ideal hours for completion, as decided by the collective wisdom of the workapp developer community. These ideal hours are constantly re-evaluated with the community using polls, and based on workapp's monitoring of the projects.